The simple trick to use your mobile phone as a controller for your PC: from using the mouse to replicating the screen

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Thanks to Unified Remote, it is possible to control the mouse, keyboard and many more aspects of a Windows computer using your mobile.

The computer is one of the most versatile technological products that we have access to in Spain and includes an infinite number of uses and possibilities. And not only when using it, but also to connect it to other devices, such as mobile phones. Windows and Android are getting closer in this regard.

We have already seen several alliances between Google and Microsoft to make their operating system connect in a better way, even being able to install mobile apps on the PC. However, today we are going to show you an application that does not depend on either company and that will allow you to use your mobile phone as a Swiss army knife for your computer, being able to from controlling the mouse to turning off the computer with a button.

It is one of the best applications that exist on Android to work with Windows, and it even allows you to view the content of the computer screen on the device while it is controlled. Yes indeed, Keep in mind that it is not a remote desktop application but requires that both devices be connected to the same WiFi network and that the screen be in view.

A basic configuration

First of all, we must bear in mind that to start using this service it is necessary download your app both on the computer and on the mobile phone or tablet from which it will be controlled. The first can be done from its website, downloading the latest version from its server, while for the second it is necessary to go to Google Play.

Once both have been installed, you will have to open the app on your smartphone and select the computer as the server, which will appear with a WiFi icon on its left, although you can also use a Bluetooth connection. Once you have done this, the initial configuration is complete and you can begin controlling the computer. In this sense, there are quite a few possibilities. All connection options are found within the controls section, which can be accessed from its side menu.


First of all, there is a section of basic controls, in which the most useful options are located to control the computer. Sliding your finger on the screen will move the mouse, tapping will make a left click and holding it down will make a right click. At the bottom there is a button to display the keyboard, another to make it your own with the multimedia controls and the last to be able to do voice dictation and have what is said written on the PC.

With this alone, it becomes a great tool that can be very useful for all those people who are used to watching movies or series on the computer screen, while sitting at a certain distance. It is possible to use the mobile phone as a mouse and keyboard, so you can control any aspect of the computer but the best thing is that you have many more options.

More possibilities

Within the section dedicated to computer controls there are other sections with the most interesting options, for not even having to get close to the device. It is possible to open any file located on the PC remotely from the app’s file manager. By default, upon entering this, the mobile will open an interface adapted to access any folder, as if starting from the computer section in Windows.

One of its great advantages is that while accessing any of these other sections, a message will appear at the bottom. bar with shortcut to control basic elements such as the mouse, the keyboard or the multimedia. That is, the basic controls will be accessible from anywhere, which can be a great help for the usability of the application.


On the other hand, the multimedia and power controls sections have quite descriptive names, and they deliver what they promise. Although what they do can be carried out using only the mouse, here they show several shortcuts to functions such as turning off, restarting, changing songs or increasing the volume so that you can know them quickly.

Finally, the app has a section to see what is happening on the device screen live, and from here you can also access the basic controls to control the device live. Of course, it does not have the same response speed as specialized remote desktop apps.

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