The simple trick to open house and garage doors with your watch and these devices

the simple trick to open house and garage doors with your watch and these devices
the simple trick to open house and garage doors with your watch and these devices

Your watch can become the key to your house and garage with these two accessories that are also controlled from smart speakers.


Home automation has become so popular that the vast majority of people have already interacted with a smart speaker, used a light bulb that is controlled from their mobile phone or have security cameras for when they go on a trip or vacation. But there are other types of actions, not so common, that They can even be controlled from a watch.

This is possible on devices that have Wear OS the old Android Wear, such as the Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 or the TicWatch 5 Pro. If you have one of these watches, it is possible to install the applications for them from two products that allow you to control access from the outside the house, one for the door of the house and another for the garage door.

In the event that you have a prior access door in a portal, for example, or access to a patio with intercomthe Ring Intercom should be added to these two devices, to be opened from the mobile phone, or from the watch but through the Alexa application.

Door and garage

To open the two most normal entrances to a home, the access door and the garage, two different devices are needed. They are devices with an average price, between 150 and 300 euros., with a much simpler installation than it seems. They are totally independent and one does not require the other.

To open a garage door, it has been designed HOMYHUB device that is installed on the garage door opener and at home, and allows you to open the vehicle access door in multiple ways. One of them is from the watch, with its application for Wear OS, but it also allows you to open it from the mobile app, with a voice command from a smart assistant and even from the web browser of Tesla cars.


To access the house door you must use a smart lock, which allows you to open the door directly from the watch, with a compatible application. Like the previous device, it is also possible to control access from the phone or from smart voice assistants. The Nuki Smart Lock Pro recently passed through the review table, a high-end model that has all the functions you could ask for from a device of this type.

In both cases it is advisable, for safety, have methods to open doors that do not depend on the two devices. For example, if the Wi-Fi network goes down, or if the power goes out, the one in the garage could not be used. In the case of the lock, it could work via Wifi, but if it runs out of battery you have to use the key.