The simple Google action with which you will never lose important documents

Google Files will have a new search engine that will prevent the most important files in the internal memory of your mobile or tablet from being lost.

After a few years in which Android had a native file explorer that was too simple, Google launched Google Files, and the application has evolved very favorably to become in one of the best on Google Play. Its functions are very varied, and the next one will allow you to search for your most important documents.

There are times when, especially when you have had a mobile phone or tablet for a long time, the files They can be lost in the internal memory of the device. This new Google function seeks to make it possible to find these elements quickly.

You will receive the name smart search, and comes to complement the advanced search and prevent users from having to navigate between filters. However, it is not yet known when the stable version of the application will arrive.

As discovered by the user AssembleDebug, this is not functionality, it would already be found in the application code. It would work by adding to the app’s index the path of the files that, after having analyzed them, consider more important. These could be, for example, invoices, passports or identification documents.

As it appears in the explanation menu, Google Files will scan the user’s files in search of this content, but carrying out the process completely locally. Google promises that this feature works rigorously complying with all privacy and security measuresand that never receives information from the user.

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Smart search

However, it would offer the ability to disable smart search and prevent all of these files from being included in the smart search index. The files that are collected in this will end up in a external section under the name of important files, so that it is easy to locate them. The search is automatic, and so is the organization.

In addition, there would be some new options that come to the file explorer, such as deleting the search history or deactivating it so that it stops remembering the most recent searches. Of course, it is still unclear when these options will be available.