The simple action you should do to improve privacy in Google Chrome

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Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world, and it is not surprising, considering that it integrates great advantages. Some of the most useful are its good management of open tabs and favorites  or its great browsing speed , although the truth is that it has quite a few possibilities.

In addition to this, Google does not leave behind the privacy and security section, and has also put in its browser a section called Privacy Guide, from which you can modify various options related to security when browsing, making that the websites that the user visits can be more secure.

And there are times when it seems that absolutely any website knows where you have browsed before, and this gives rise to a feeling of being watched, something that can be easily remedied from your mobile. Google leaves other privacy options out of this section , but it is true that it includes some of the most useful ones here.

Privacy Review

Google Chrome has various options to modify the behavior of the browser and leave it to everyone’s taste, whether aesthetic or functional. In this case, the so-called Privacy Guide affects the second. To access it you have to open Settings, click on Privacy and security and then on Privacy guide. This will open a series of screens in which the browser allows the user to choose their preferences.


The first page explains the Improve Search and Navigation feature . When enabled, the app will theoretically run faster, as Google will take into account the most frequently visited pages to predict which sites you’ll visit next, and there will also be better suggestions when you type in the bar. search. However, to do this, it is necessary to share the history with Google.

On the other hand, the possibility of choosing between browsing with standard protection or with enhanced protection is offered . The first will detect dangerous events and warn the user about them, having minimal impact on the user’s data. The improved one will share some of the pages you visit with the Safe Browsing section, temporarily linking that data to the user’s account.

The last of the settings offered by Google is a third-party cookie blocker, which will prevent sites from using their cookies to track user activity and offer targeted advertising, among other things. You can choose to block this element always or only when browsing in incognito mode . This is the last step available in Google’s privacy review, and the truth is that although the company has more options, it is a good implementation, which allows users to review in a short time some important settings about which they also the operation is explained.

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