The simple action you should do on Netflix so that they do not charge you more even if you have unsubscribed

the simple action you should do on netflix so that.jpg
the simple action you should do on netflix so that.jpg

Changing the password of products that are shared is more necessary than ever, due to the ease of reactivation.

The rise in prices of streaming platforms has meant that, in recent years, the number of people sharing accounts has skyrocketed. This is especially striking in services like Netflix, until it activated the restriction on shared accounts in Spain. At that time many users, including myself, chose to unsubscribe. The thing is, there were things to do before that.

The problem with sharing an account with a single username and password, as happened in the original Netflix accounts, is that Anyone has access to the Profile section, where the bank details are necessary to maintain said account. That’s what made me sign up for a month of this platform without wanting to. Because of two mistakes, one mine and another of another family member.

When I canceled my Netflix account I notified all my contacts and logged out of all devices, but I forgot to delete the bank details and, above all, change the password. This made it possible to reactivate the account without much problem even if I wasn’t aware of it.

Saturday at 9 in the morning I woke up to an email from Netflix welcoming me back. That email seemed to be official but, before clicking anywhere or opening links, I went to the company’s app to see if my account was really active. And he was.

So I thought that, either my password had been leaked, or someone in my family, with whom I shared an account, had done something. I asked several people and one of them told me yes, it was probably her partner. The problem was that she was looking for a movie, she entered Netflix and began to accept everything the app asked. What she was asking was neither more nor less if she wanted to reactivate the account.

That person’s mistake, obviously, was to accept everything without reading. Mine was not having changed the Netflix account password or, at least, having eliminated the linked payment methods, so that they would have been requested again when reactivating the account.

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