The shopping feature on TikTok can now be tested in the United States


A few weeks ago I discovered a tab called “music” on the WWwhatsnew TikTok, so I was able to test the function with which the company wants to compete with Spotify and company, now it is the turn of the shopping function, making it clear that it is going for all, now to compete with Amazon.

We’ve told you about this TikTok shopping feature a few times before, but now it looks like it’s finally starting to roll out in the US, with many users dancing for joy at the news.

The objective, logically, is to allow users to buy things without leaving the app, something that has been working in Asia for weeks, but has not reached the West until now (with the exception of the United Kingdom, where tests were already carried out before ).

To ensure its success, TikTok is inviting different companies to the new shopping program, so the available stores will increase over time. Then they will give way to international sellers.

Before Christmas arrives, TikTok wants to have a database of companies that are capable of making live purchases, at least in the United States, and for this they are working on the logistics part, with storage and returns for customers. .

Music, videos, purchases, courses… TikTok wants to be the platform “to do everything”, and with the growth it is having, it is very possible that it will be the new Facebook in a few years.

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