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The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S23 will be outrageous, how will you get it?

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The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S23 will be outrageous, how will you get it?

If there is something in which the high-end terminals of samsung It’s on your screens. And, as far as is known, the Galaxy S23 It will not be an exception, since it will not have problems to overcome what the new iPhone 14 offers, which, it must be said, in its Pro version has some of the most striking features.

It must be remembered that the Galaxy S22 was already an example of capacity in terms of the production of high-level panels, since some of the models in this product range include hardware that reaches 1,750 nits and Gorilla Glass protection. Victory+. But this, it seems that it will fall short to the new generation that the Korean company is already preparing, which is going to be amazing in what has to do with the screen you will use.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 will have an unbeatable screen

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Beyond the resolution, what will attract attention is that the integrated panel will be the Super AMOLED E6 with LTPO 3.0 technology. And this means? Well, it is capable of showing a maximum brightness of nothing less than 2,200 nits. If this is confirmed, there is no smartphone on the market that is capable of matching this brand, so we are talking about a completely differential feature. An example: it will exceed the mark of the iPhone 14 Pro Max by two hundred, and this is already quite remarkable. Wonderful, no doubt.

Possible design of the back of the Samsung Galaxy S23

But the good news does not end here. On the one hand, he will get a attenuation 2000Hz PWM, so visual fatigue will be significantly reduced without reducing image quality. On the other hand, and without losing the frequency of 120Hz, it is expected that the screen protection betterwhich will increase the durability of the component, which is always positive (according to the source of the information, it is believed that it will leave behind the sapphire used by Apple iPhones).

Satellites are also part of these new phones

Well yes, it seems that the Korean company wants to respond to what Apple has shown with its iPhone 14, but in its case the collaboration would be with Iridium Communications instead of Global Star. The idea that Samsung has is to be able to transmit from text messages to low-resolution images through the use of satellites depending on the source of the information.

Therefore, what is undertaken by Apple seems not to be something that the rest of the manufacturers rule out. And a clear example is that the use of the connection by satelite aims to be one of the news that will be seen in the new Samsung Galaxy S23.

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