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The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 will have a long-awaited improvement, what is it about?

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Once Xiaomi has launched a new smartwatch and threatens to put another with Wear OS on the market, which is a problem for all the manufacturers that work in this market, the plans that Samsung has so as not to lose its privileged position in the market segment we are talking about. And there is one that is the most interesting.

Based on the data available, one of the main objectives that the company has in its next wearable accessory is to increase their autonomy, which is one of the Achilles heels of smartwatches today (especially those with advanced operating systems such as those of Apple or Google). Therefore, it is to be expected that in the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 new formulas are included to achieve it…. In addition to more traditional solutions.

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What Samsung prepares in its next smart watch

To begin with, the operation of the software is going to be optimized so that the applications are less demanding in the energy they use -especially when they run in the background-. But what is most striking about the information that has become known is that the new device will have higher amperage batteries without thereby affecting the dimensions and weight. And this will be achieved with the use of new components that offer cells of higher densities, a solution that is as safe as it is effective.


The data indicates that the new Samsung Galaxy Watch6 range will have two models (40 and 44 mm in dimensions), and that each one will have a 300 and 425mAh battery. Not bad, because if compared to the previous generation (which had 284 and 410 respectively), there is an interesting improvement because the workspace is very small. Therefore, there will be good news in the autonomy of these wearables that would increase, at least, half a day of unrestricted use.

Curiously, there is no data regarding the possible Galaxy Watch6 Pro, which, if it has an increase of the same percentage, could integrate a 600mAh battery. A truly crazy when compared to what the smartwatches that were released a couple of years ago had to offer to the market (either from Samsung or another company).

Is it an improvement enough?

Obviously, it is positive, quite the truth, but what is indicated must be accompanied by the inclusion of new functions so that users decide to make the leap to the new wearable, since the current model is really complete and one of the best on the market for watches with Wear OS (beating the Pixel Watch without much trouble, for example). Little by little, more details will be known about what the Samsung watches that are expected for the fall of this year 2023 will offer.

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