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The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 will have a curious and unexpected novelty on its screen

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Little by little the moment is approaching when Samsung will launch a new smartwatch which, with total security, will have the Wear OS operating system (the reason is that the collaboration with Google is going swimmingly). The fact is that an interesting detail of the screen that will be part of the Galaxy Watch6.

The Korean firm will not change the shape of the screen of its smartwatch, so it will continue circularFar from what other manufacturers such as Apple offer. This has already become commonplace, so it identifies the company’s accessories. The fact is that it seems that the dimensions of this component will not change much, but the finish that it has on the area where it fits with the casing. The reason is that he will do here a curvature.

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This will allow the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 to be more eye-catching, without hindering much the usability of the wearable. It is true that the company has experimented with this option in some previous terminals (such as the Gear S from 2014), but at one point it abandoned this design. The reasons for this decision are not at all clear, but what does seem to happen is that will use it again. Interestingly, since the seventh generation, the Apple Watch does not have a curved screen.


This causes there to be an absence in this Samsung

We talk about rotating bezel. This element is most useful for many users, but Samsung has already shown that its use does not suit it much -after betting on it in a couple of generations of its smart watches-. The fact is that, if there is a curved screen, it is practically impossible for this element to be present in the Galaxy Watch6. So if you were hoping to find it in the Korean firm’s new 2023 smartwatch, it looks like you can go forgetting for this to happen.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 has returned to the curved glass design. From now on, it is known that the glass is not flat and there is not much other information.

— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) February 23, 2023

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Few more data regarding the news

Beyond what has been said about the screen, and being very clear that there will be an evolution in the hardware (surely the processor will advance and very possibly it will remain in a self-made Exynos), it does seem that the connectivity benefits will increase . There will be advances in both WiFi and GPS access. In addition, it is more than possible that there are two models that are launched together with the folding ones of the Korean firm: the basic one and the one called classicalthe latter being the one that would include the curved screen within the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 range.


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