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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will arrive with a problem, what will it be?

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That things are complicated when it comes to supplies is very clear. And technology companies are not spared the rigors of the market. For this reason there are surprises in the prices of some products. An example of what we say is that, due to information that has appeared, it seems that the watches in the range Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 They will be more expensive than expected.

The smartwatch we are talking about, everything indicates that it will be presented in the month of August along with the two new models of the range of Samsung Galaxy Z folding phones, and among some of its virtues is that the operating system it will use will be Wear OS. This already happened in the previous generation, and the truth is that the experience for the manufacturer and the users has been very positive.


A price of this Samsung at the level of the Apple Watch

As usual, there will be several models of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 range. The one with smaller dimensions (40 millimeters) will have a price that will start from 300 euros. This is the minimum, because if you decide on the variant with LTE, you will have to add fifty more. Therefore, in this case we talk about everything being stable in price. The colors, by the way, will be silver, gold and gray.

The intermediate option of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, with a size of 44 millimeters, and that can be purchased in blue, beach and gray, will have a entrance fee of 350 euros and the sum to access LTE is the same as in the previous version. There is an appropriate balance here and, perhaps, it is the option that many decide on.

Samsung Galaxy Watch540mm BT ~300 Euro40mm LTE ~350 EuroPink Gold, Gray, Silver44mm BT ~350 Euro44mm LTE ~400 EuroBlue, Gray, SilverWatch5 Pro45mm BT ~490 Euro45mm LTE ~540 EuroBlack, Titanium*price conversion and taxes may make numbers differ from actual MSRP.

— Roland Quandt (@rquandt) June 22, 2022


The problem comes with the 45mm variant. This will be significantly more expensive than the previous model, since we are talking about 490 euros for the option with only WiFi and, if you want the option to use mobile data, you will have to spend no less than €540. The truth is that we are talking about a notable increase that places the latest version at the level of Apple smart watches. And this may not be funny to potential buyers. It can be purchased in the following shades: titanium and black.

Improvements that will come for sure

Obviously, there will be improved options in the new smart watches from the Korean company, such as everything that has to do with autonomy. This is due to the fact that its processor will be less demanding in consumption and, in addition, the battery will increase its amperage -without the weight being affected by this-. In addition, it will also have advances in everything that has to do with sensors, which will allow the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 to be used as thermometer. Is this enough for the price to rise as we have indicated before? Users will dictate sentence, of course.


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