The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will have a camera with a zoom that will be spectacular

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will have a camera with a zoom that will be spectacular
the samsung galaxy s24 ultra will have a camera with

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will have a camera with a zoom that will be spectacular

He Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra It will be the next premium phone from the Asian company, and as expected it will come with great news. An example is that everything indicates that the new flagship of the firm will arrive with a new camera system, with a main focus on exceptionally large focal lengths and excellent zoom capabilities.

The “Ultra” edition of the Samsung Galaxy S series is the flagship smartphone from the South Korean tech giant. These devices always have spectacular hardware, thus offering the best features available in the telephony market. But it is true that a push is needed in the section of the Photographygiven that The competition in this section is fierce. among the best manufacturers that exist today.

Real news in the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

To take an important step in this regard, data has appeared indicating that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will have completely new specific hardware -with the main intention of improving zoom capabilities and capturing information for better clarity in photos-. This will surpass what the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra offers (which has a 10MP telephoto camera with 10x zoom and a second 10MP camera with 3x zoom).

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra main camera

What the new phone is expected to offer

If what has been known is true, it is possible that the next Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will have a new 5x telephoto sensor with variable zoom capabilities. The new specific camera for this job will replace the system of previous generations (which are all very similar), so it would mean a very interesting evolutionary step and will allow the terminal to position itself as one of the best on the market in the photography section. .

That is, the configuration would be based on the main camera to capture more data and, in this way, simply crop the resulting photo as long as the zoom is not high. There is no information on the fate of the 10x camera, by the way. It is possible that Samsung will keep it the same as it is good for promotions and advertising. In addition, the Korean company could also promote the S24 Ultra as a smartphone with capabilities typically present in DSLR cameras. And this would be a really important step because there are many users who are always looking to achieve this with their mobile terminals.