The Samsung Galaxy S20 are still alive in the United States: they just received their update dose

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The Galaxy S20 are left without Android 14, but that does not mean that Samsung forgets about security

Samsung is one of the companies with one of the best device update policies in the industry. At least, of course, currently. A while ago they made the leap to four years of major Android updates and a large number of their phones will receive Android 14.

However, the Galaxy S20, which may still be relevant for many users, were left out of this new update policy and will not receive the new version of Android along with One UI 6.0. What they will have are security patches. Precisely, Samsung has just completed the update cycle for the Galaxy S20 veterans.

The Galaxy S20 are left without Android 14, but they still have very lively security

This summer, Samsung released security patches for the European Galaxy S20, but it was now that the company has released said patch for American mobile phones. Thus, as we read in Sammobilethe G98xU1UES7HWI1 update arrives for the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra of the United States with a long list of changes under its arm.

And it corrects more than 60 vulnerabilities, but if you have one of these models in your possession, Don’t expect any new aesthetic, functional or performance features.since the only thing these security patches do is, as their name says, help protect the device.

On the other hand, the update arrives in two batches. First of all to the factory unlocked Galaxy S20 and, a little later, to mobile phones that are blocked by the operator. But hey, they will end up arriving.

The Galaxy S20 is still a mobile phone that perhaps has an SoC that is below what is desirable at this time, but that It has a very good screen and still very reliable cameras.. It is an example of what a good update policy could achieve, since with three years behind it, it would still be perfectly upgradeable to the latest version, but that will not be the case.

Fortunately, Samsung has been realizing this and with the S21 they reached four years of major Android updates. We will see what happens in the future with the Galaxy S24, since it is rumored that the Pixel want to overtake the Galaxy in this race, Apple is much more generous with its iPhone updates and there is a fourth brand in contention -Fairphone- that has the record on Android mobiles.

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