The Samsung Galaxy A55 and A35 are filtered: now with smooth edges and the “island of buttons”

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1707467747 840 560.jpeg

The button island would continue to spread throughout Samsung’s Galaxy A series, according to the latest leaks


Evan Blass just gut in X the appearance of two of the bestseller candidates of the year: the Samsung Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35. The prolific leaker has shared what appear to be press images of the terminals that allow us to see their appearance from all angles.

“Samsung seems not going to reinvent the wheel with the Galaxy A55, which has a design essentially the same as last year but with two main changes: the edges are flat except for the button panel, where it appears again.”the island of buttons“.

Now with button island

Samsung seems to have found the exact point of price, features and design with the Galaxy A5x, well year after year they are among the best sellersso there will be those who are waiting to see the next models to decide if it is time to change their mobile.

Evan Blass just made us spoiler of the launch of the terminals after sharing a series of images, with official appearance, of the Samsung Galaxy A35 and Galaxy A55. Visually they are practically identical on the outside.

The Samsung Galaxy A35 (top) and the Galaxy A55 (bottom). Images by Evan Blass

In fact, they are also very similar to the Samsung Galaxy A54, especially if we look at them from the front. The main change is in its axles which seem to be flat in the A55 and A35, something that makes sense since it is the line that Samsung is following for its Galaxy A this year, as we could see in the Galaxy A15.

Will also be the island of buttons, which is a small protuberance that houses the power and volume buttons on one of the sides of the mobile. Apparently it will be the standard this year.

Ahead, it remains practically the same as last year, with leaks that place the Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35 with screens AMOLED of 6.5 and 6.6 inches respectively, Full HD+ and at 120 Hzwith the front camera (32 MP on the Galaxy A55 and 13 MP on the Galaxy A35).

Samsung has not yet announced when the new Galaxy A55 and A35 will be presented and we do not know if there will be a special Unpacked event for them or not, although this leak makes it clear to us that the launch seems to be imminent. The Galaxy A54, for example, were launched in March 2023.

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