The sale of NFTs has reached such a point that now they want to sell photos of humans sticking out their tongues

1634590926 nft.jpg
1634590926 nft.jpg

One could understand that there are people who spend thousands of euros to buy a meme that became famous in its time. It is somewhat more difficult to understand why someone would pay to buy colored whales created by a program, or computer generated abstract art … but hey, collecting is collecting, and certain passions are priceless.

The fact is that things are getting out of hand, and now a website appears with the following proposal:

Take a picture of your face winking and sticking out your tongue, and wait for someone to buy it.

Logically, they promise that no two photos will be the same (I believe it), and the number of people who can participate is limited (something necessary to create that feeling of anxiety necessary in quick decisions).

The project is called CRYPTOHUMANS, available at, and looks like this:

CryptoHumans started with a question: What if we could sell humans? What would be something valuable to sell?

After hours of exploring my own existence, I discovered what defines my net worth, my winking face with my tongue out.

And CryptoHumans is born, an NFT marketplace for humans who stick out their tongues and wink.

It is clear (I think) that it is a parody, a way of laughing at this world that is raising so much money, since in the end it raises a serious question: are we worth more than our value to the labor market?

I hope no one spends millions of euros buying selfies of people with their tongues hanging out, I can think of many other ways to invest that money in something more productive.