The redesign of Google Maps is on its way to your Android mobile. Makes it easier to search for your next destination

the redesign of google maps is on its way to.webp.webp.webp
the redesign of google maps is on its way to.webp.webp.webp

Google continues working to polish the experience of its navigation and mapping application par excellence: Google Maps. After receiving the weather forecast directly on the map, and saying goodbye to driving mode as we knew it -with justification in medias res-, now change your interface to adapt it to new times.

This interface has not been renewed for a while, without undergoing major changes, but Google has considered that it is sufficient and that yes, it needs something new. As we read at 9to5Google, this is unfolding bringing several palpable differences: we see it below.

This is what Google Maps looks like after the redesign

Since it was updated to strictly follow the Material You guidelines, Google Maps has remained practically unchanged on our Android phones. However, change is imminent with a redesign Although it does not represent a great variation, it provides a little more clarity to the interface.

The changes affect several sections of the Android application, although it is more easily seen in the address searchthe one we use to start navigation to our next destination.

Starting with the most basic, we realize that when we touch a certain place, a redesigned blade which includes the close and share buttons in the upper right corner. The redesign brings us an overlay of sheets, so we will see a background behind the interface with which we interact.

Equally significant is the change in locations, which They are not displayed in full screen– They will now always show a piece of the map at the top, helping us understand the context. However, the biggest redesign comes in the address search experience.

Google Maps Redesign

At the top, the UI (user interface) does not occupy the entire screen but rather sticks to a bar where we will enter the origin and destination, moving the rest of the elements that appeared until now to the bottom.

The carousel that allows us to choose the transportation method is also part of the bottom sheet: it accepts the upward gesture that will display more informationbut again, not full screen.

It is not a very deep redesign that implies changes in how we use it, but they are tweaks that improve the quality of life of the most used maps application on Android. For now, is starting to roll out in version 11.113.x, although it has not spread widely. It shouldn’t take too long to arrive.

Via | 9to5Google

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