The redesign of Google Files is reaching everyone. It highlights a problem between Google and Material You

the redesign of google files is reaching everyone it highlights.webp.webp.webp
the redesign of google files is reaching everyone it highlights.webp.webp.webp

Although Android has various alternatives to explore the internal memory of our devices, there are an option that stands out from the rest: Google Files. It is the explorer that the Mountain View firm created with the aim of giving users a clear reference in this section. It continues to add new functions, recently the ability to read documents and analyze files.

Now comes a long-awaited update that changes the design of the app, now available in the Google Play Store. This is what the new design looks likewhich on the other hand, highlights a problem that continues to affect the green robot system.

The Google Files redesign is here

As we read in Android Police, Google Files is renewed again with an update which brings aesthetic changes to the interface. It has been following the lines of Material You, Google’s design language, for some time now, although on this occasion it ob

Google Files Redesign

We refer to the bottom bar, used by most “Google Apps” to switch between their sections. For example, in Gmail it is used to switch between the email view and Google Chat. It is an essential element, but apparently the search giant has thought that it was not necessary in Files.

In recent versions of Files, by default, it gave us access to the “Explore” tab, which was accompanied on the left by “Clean” and on the right by “Share with Nearby.” With the latest stable versionspecifically version 1.242.602139702, this bottom bar disappears.

Although the first thing we see when updating is a fairly large notice announcing the change from Nearby Share to Quick Share: it encourages us to use Nearby Share from the share menu (now disappears from Files). However, the most important change of this redesign is the aforementioned elimination of its lower bar -or menu-.

On the other hand, the “Clean” tab moves from this currently non-existent bar to the left sidebar. We can continue accessing it by pressing the button with the three horizontal lines located in the upper left corner. Google has decided that, with shortcuts to these features placed elsewhere, the bottom bar doesn’t make sense.

The bottom bar is a characteristic element of Material Youwhich in theory would replace the sidebar (imposed by Material Design in its beginnings) but Google has thought about going back: in this specific case it makes sense, as we have said, although it somewhat breaks the consistency in the design of the applications.

The change frees up more vertical space, so file lists will be more visible. Even the new location of the “Clean” section makes sense, falling near the access to the trash can. The new design is rolling out, and you should see it after installing the latest update from Play Store.