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The profiles arrive to the Android TV operating system, do they offer many options?

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Little by little Android TV It is losing ground against Google TV, but this does not mean that the first operating system continues to evolve (although more slowly than the second). It has been known that a new feature for the work of the Mountain View company, which I am sure many will appreciate.

What is coming is the appearance of the user profiles on Android TV, a function that helps a lot to have a much more personalized configuration of the Smart TV that is available with the development of the Android proprietary firm. This is an option that has been on google tv for a while (since June 2022), and the reception by users is excellent so it is not surprising that you want to follow the same development path we are talking about, although it seems that it will be less powerful, it must be said.

What can be done with Android TV profiles

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Well, the first information that we have indicates that it can be established with a Google account and associate it with other services of the firm, such as the Play Store or Youtube. In this way, when opening the applications you can see the content that is suitable for the profile in question. In addition, also the Discover section of the initial screen also shows different recommendations. Of course, you can not change the appearance of the interface or associate many more configuration options as in Google TV.


To access the different profiles that are active on the Smart TV, you have to press a new icon in the upper zone with the image of each one of them. Simply by pressing the remote and selecting what you want, the parameters are changed automatically (one must be established as the main one, so that the television always works perfectly). Whether additional features will be included in the future remains to be seen, but it seems pretty clear that Android TV is by no means dead.

Arrival to Smart TVs

Well, from what has been indicated in the source of the information, the deployment has begun, but it is not being homogeneous. Therefore, you will have to wait for Google to push to models using Android TV without mods -and, in the case of having a television that has customization, be patient for the company to carry out the necessary developments so that the corresponding firmware is launched-. But, it will arrive, it will arrive and the logical thing is that in not a long time.

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