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The production of the iPhone is further complicated by problems at Foxconn

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We already knew, because one of Apple’s executives warned, that the iPhone 14 would be out of stock in the United States this Christmas. So if you want a model to give away or for yourself, either buy it now or wait until the end of January. This trend can spread to Europe and now with the new news it is more than likely that this will happen. To the temporary closures of factories in China due to COVID now join the protests of Foxconn workers.

Protests over conditions for workers at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant

As much as Apple wants the iPhone to have plenty of stock for Christmas, a time when sales of this terminal rise, causing the company’s profits to break records. The production of the terminal is not in the hands of Apple, it does not depend on them. It depends on the suppliers on the other side of the world, in China. One of the largest is Foxconn and right now it is not going through one of its best moments.

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Not only do they have to accept the restrictions that the Chinese government imposes on them due to the COVID issue, restrictions that involve temporary stoppages and that affect production, but also cause the working conditions of workers to fall and are in precarious situations or difficult to maintain over time. For example, workers cannot leave the factory and go home if there is an outbreak in the factory.

Now, the workers tired, they have started a series of protests that are going around the world thanks to social networks. The object of the same, focus on the company’s non-payment of a series of bonuses to workers. Added to all this is what we have already discussed about COVID and the protests over the restrictions and eliminations of some services in the company, such as the closure of the cafeteria or the shortage of supplies in it.

The problems of employees at the Zhengzhou plant they could cause iPhone production to drop as much as 30 percent. Foxconn has tried to mitigate supply problems by offering bonuses and ramping up production at another factory in Shenzhen.

It can be seen, through the video, how hundreds of Foxconn workers they advance in protest, clashing with the police and some being blocked by law enforcement.

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