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The product workers: What the introduction of OKR means for product owners

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When properly understood, Objectives and Key Results help product owners in their own work.


OKR as a method for setting and tracking goals has been on everyone’s lips in Germany for several years. Therefore, the product workers also want to deal with the topic of OKR (Objectives and Key Results) and have invited an expert who long-time listeners should already know. Stefanie Götten is an expert at Dominique’s side, and they exchange views on the topic with a clear focus: What does the introduction of OKR mean for us in our responsibility as product owners.

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In conversation, Stefanie shares her experiences and recommends, for example, the book Radical Focus by Christina R. Wodtke. In addition, the two try to use comprehensible examples to show which advantages and which stumbling blocks exist. OKRs are not to be understood directly, but product owners have to actively deal with them. Especially when product owners look at the product backlog or, for example, at refinement or sprint planning. And of course they also look at such aspects as the product vision.

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Stefanie has already been a guest of the product workers. In the episode “Your friend the Scrum Master” she was there and shared her experiences. You can find more about Stefanie on her LinkedIn profile.

The consequence and further information can be found under “What the introduction of OKR means for product owners”.

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