The price of the OnePlus Pad is finally known… and, yes, you will want to buy this tablet

The price of the OnePlus Pad is finally known... and, yes, you will want to buy this tablet
the price of the oneplus pad is finally known... and,

The price of the OnePlus Pad is finally known... and, yes, you will want to buy this tablet

He OnePlusPad it was officially announced in February alongside the OnePlus 11. Until now, the company has kept the tablet’s price under wraps, only intending to reveal this detail on April 25. However, new information indicates how much will it cost the first Android tablet worldwide and, the truth is that there is good news if everything is confirmed.

India’s FlipKart store has listed, unknown if by mistake, the price of the OnePlus Pad before it’s available. According to its retail website, the tablet will be offered in two configurations, with the base model sporting 8GB of RAM along with 128 gigs of internal storage. On the other hand, there will be a more complete option that will include 12 GB of RAM and double the internal storage. Therefore, there will be possibilities for all tasteswhich is also positive.

These will be the prices of the OnePlus Pad

As has been seen, the basic option of the tablet will cost Rs 37,999, which remains at about 422 euros. We are talking about a very attractive price, and that will allow the sales of this equipment to be quite good due to its good features and a cost below what the Galaxy S8 has right now, to give an example. If what you need is more storage, you will have to pay a little more of course … but nothing especially crazy. We are talking about 39,999 rupees (€445). The appeal is undeniable.

OnePlus Pad tablet with stylus

Yes indeed, direct change may not be made in areas like the US and Europe, something that has happened on other occasions with OnePlus products. In this case, betting for 499 euros makes all the sense in the world. It would be a shame, but it would maintain a really attractive price for the market in our country, to give an example.

This model will have several accessories. But, as usual in the tablet market, these will be sold separately. For example, the magnetic keyboard with a touch panel will cost €150, while the stylus will be available for €99. Of course, if you entered the initial offer, one of these you will have been able to get for free.

tablet release date

OnePlus said that OnePlus Pad pre-orders will start on April 28 outside Asia, although it could reveal more additional details when it plans to present the official price. The availability of the tablet is scheduled for May 8 globally.