The POCO X6 already has a presentation date: in less than ten days we will meet the POCO X6 and POCO X6 Pro

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The presentation date of the new POCO X6 to the e-commerce giant Flipkart escapes


The POCO Previous leaks told us that they would arrive in January and now we know the presentation date due to an oversight by the e-commerce giant Flipkart.

Flipkart has momentarily missed the presentation date of the POCO X6, which will therefore be launched in India next January 11, Thursday, at a time not yet specified. We will then meet POCO X6 and POCO X6 Pro that, except for last-minute surprises, we already know by other names.

Nine days for the POCO X6

The countdown begins to meet those that will probably become one of the most recommended phones of the year, the POCO X6 and, therefore, successors to the POCO X5 and POCO X5 Pro. nine days left.

POCO, which has been preparing the ground for the launch on its social networks for a few days, as “coming soon”, was not the one who made the announcement, but rather it has escaped Flipkartan online sales platform that competes in India and with which POCO has made some exclusive launches in the past, something that seems to be repeated with the POCO X6.


Thanks to a promotional image which is no longer availablewe know that the POCO X6 They will arrive next January 11. Incidentally, we have been able to see the official appearance of the terminal on the back; In theory it is the POCO X6 Pro, which would be basically the same as the Xiaomi Redmi K70E that we met in November.

He should join the standard POCO X6, which is rumored to be the same as the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro. This, without knowing the differences in colors, finishes and versions, there could be differences. We will find out about these details shortly, on January 11 at a time that has yet to be determined.