The POCO F6 takes shape after the announcement of the Redmi K70E: all the features that point to the high-end POCO future

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It will mount a Mediatek processor, and will accompany it with updated memories in technology




The mobile phones of the most popular Chinese giant, Xiaomi, continue to evolve ahead of the launch of the next generation. Homework is done in the main family, with the last Xiaomi 13T and Xiaomi 13T Proalthough POCO is already preparing the future of its high-end after the complete LITTLE F5 and POCO F5 Pro which launched in the first half of the year.

In China, Xiaomi announced yesterday the new Redmi K70E, which gives us some clues as to what its counterpart will be like for the global market. We tell you everything we know about the future POCO F6 5Gand these will presumably be its most important features.

This will be the POCO F6 5G that has already passed the certification

This same year, the correspondence between the Redmi ‘K’ series and the new POCO F5 has not been as direct as we thought. Although these Redmi are usually the base, they have resulted in somewhat different models, even with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 equivalence between the POCO F5 Pro and the Redmi K60.

Poco F6 Xiaomi
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But the next generation, which is about to be launched in China, looks like it will be more similar. With the official announcement of the Redmi K70E, we have discovered its processor: a Mediatek Dimensity 8300 Ultra. We might think that it will change for the POCO F6, but the certification process does not leave too many doubts.

The POCO F6 5G has undergone the corresponding IMDA certification, with a model number identical to the aforementioned Redmi, so it is surely a practically carbon-copy smartphone.

To the Mediatek chip that will be the ‘brain’ of this smartphone, other already known features are added: a 5,500 mAh battery, with more capacity than in the current generation. In addition, it will have fast charging at 90 watts, also exceeding the charging specifications of the POCO F5.

On the other hand, the screen will be determined by a OLED panel which will reach a resolution of 1.5K. The memories that will support the processor will also be of the latest technology: the RAM will be LPDDR5X and the internal storage UFS 4.0, which ensures ultra-fast data transfer.

It is the only thing we can know so far, although some rumors suggest that the main camera will reach 64 megapixels and will have optical stabilization. Be that as it may, this is not fully confirmed, so we will continue waiting for the passing of the weeks to bring us more information.

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