The plan that wants to take down pirated IPTV in just half an hour

The volume of paying subscribers has fallen by 14% in Spain and there is already pressure to close domains in 30 minutes.

Sports broadcasts are one of the contents that is most pirated through IPTV, as has been seen in the list of the services with the most visits on the entire planet . LaLiga and Movistar+ have joined forces to exert enough pressure so that legal mechanisms capable of acting immediately and in just 30 minutes can be created.

Currently, streaming platforms are increasing the cost of their services , which in some way is prompting a careful review of the monthly payment that users make to access movies, series, documentaries or even football matches or other sports broadcasts. .

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, in statements made at the Europa Press Sports Breakfast, maintains that the volume of paying subscribers has suffered a loss of 14% year-on-year . The reason is due, in part, to the increase in access to IPTV that these games offer at no cost, although there are some that even offer monthly paid subscriptions; just as happened this week by the Italian Police who confiscated material from a service that transmitted Sky TV content .

Disaster of 2,400 million euros

The figures used range from five million downloads worldwide and 900,000 in Spain, to one million in Europe and 300,000 through Apple respectively. Tebas defends that employers have several tools to confront this problem that is causing multimillion-dollar damage.

In total there would be 46,000 ‘IPs’ that are responsible for transmitting the League’s football matches daily to access users through different platforms such as Telegram, Discord or Facebook. The proposed solution is to close the live broadcast of the matches and thus comply with the Digital Services Law of the European Union. In fact, the EU plans to carry out a final check in March to verify the use of IPTV.

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Enric Rojas, Sports Director of Movistar+, clarifies that the data and damages of piracy are many. A very serious problem that, even when generating high quality content to increase the number of users subscribed to the platform, is leading to the expected fruits not being reaped.

On the other hand, according to 2Playbook Intelligence from its outlet , these types of illegal broadcasts have caused a loss of 2.4 billion euros to football in the last decade. There is a type of data used in the analysis, which is called lost profits, which describes the damage that is achieved for competitions and audiovisual partners. It is estimated that in the case of football, if piracy did not exist, the conversion rate would have reached 69% in 2022.