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The Pixel Watch will recognize gestures on the skin, what will they be used for?

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One of the great novelties expected in the hardware section for the Google I/O event to be held in May is the arrival of the first smartwatch from the Mountain View company. Something has been known about Pixel Watch that will make it completely different from the rest in the event that it is confirmed, and that will make its use extremely simple.

What we are talking about is that according to what has been known, the smart watch we are talking about will be able to recognize gestures that are made on the skin. It seems incredible, but due to the use of some special sensorsrun this on the skin on the sides of the sphere of the accessory can be used to perform actions. Without a doubt, this would be something never seen before and that, if well implemented, would make this wearable the most interesting – and we must not forget that it will also use the new version of the Wear OS operating system, which will significantly improve energy consumption.

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One of the things that is important to comment is that according to the published data since 2020 Google is working on using this option, and it seems that its first smartwatch is the moment chosen to use this patent from the North American firm. It is logical to think that, if the operation is good, the recognition of gestures on the skin will be used in future wearables, such as smart bracelets and even advanced headphones that can be considered as part of this type of product.

What can be done with skin gestures

Well, everything indicates that there will be quite a few things, such as managing the intensity of the vibration of the Pixel Watch when a notification is received and, even, for navigate the user interface to choose the application to use and access it. In other words, most of the functions that are common in smart watches can be controlled in a simple way and without having to have high precision as when using the touch screen.

Let’s Go Digital

As can be seen in the image of the patent that Google obtained in its day regarding this functionality, it seems quite clear that it will be possible from recognize drag gesture until tap, so we are talking about very great possibilities and that fit perfectly in a smartwatch that allows you to install applications. The truth is that this will allow the device to completely differentiate itself from the models offered by Samsung or Apple, and this is already appreciated.

What is known about the Pixel Watch

Apart from what we have indicated and that a completely curved screen will be included in its rounded exterior area, everything indicates that inside it will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and will have a storage spectacular: nothing less than 32GB. In addition, it will have advanced connectivity where NFC and WiFi 6 will not be lacking. The truth is that this smart watch that will be announced at the Google developer event this spring shows very good manners.

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