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The Pixel Watch is going to look a lot more like the Apple Watch, why?

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He PixelWatch, along with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, has reinvigorated the Wear OS, which now has a host of features that make it really compete with what apple uses in its smartwatches. Well, information has been released indicating that the Google model will soon receive a new feature that was highly anticipated.

It is true that the Pixel Watch is not the most complete smartwatch on the market, since its hardware is somewhat outdated and its ability to recognize physical activity is not the most accurate of all the smartwatches with which it competes. But it is true that it offers a very good design and Google’s native support. And, the latter, is something that users value very positively. The point is that there is an option that it was announced in its presentation that it would reach the wearable and that it has not yet done so: fall detection.

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New data of this function for the Pixel Watch

In the latest version of the smart watch management application has been able to see a large number of references regarding this function that will allow users to activate it and, in the event of a fall problem being detected, a process of actions is executed to determine if a serious mishap has been suffered (through non-action in the event of demands on the smartwatch). If this is the case, a message is sent to the emergency services and to the contact person who has been established as the priority for it.


As indicated in the source of the information, there are details that allow you to know in a fairly precise way how the fall detection will work. To begin with, if one is detected that is important, the device will vibrate and make a very loud sound to prompt the user to perform an action on the screen. Therefore, we are talking about a function that is very similar to the one that already exists in the Apple Watch and that has proven on more than one occasion to be most useful to avoid serious problems.

The arrival of this function is imminent

Despite the fact that some users have had the function available on the watch for some time, it has never become functional. Now, and seen what has been found in the application, it’s pretty clear that Google intends to turn on fall detection on the Pixel Watch shortly. Of course, initially it can be used in the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and the US. The rest will have to wait a little longer.


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