The Pixel Fold will go on sale only in four countries

pixel fold 1.jpg
pixel fold 1.jpg

If you’ve been waiting for the Pixel Fold to launch to get one, the good news is that it’s been officially announced today. The not so good news is its limited availability.

The Pixel Fold won’t exactly be widely available, as Google has decided to launch the phone in only four countries: United States, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Of course, Google could expand its availability at some point, but for now, these are the only countries where it will be available.

In fact, if the phone ends up in Amazon Germany, EU consumers will be able to buy it without problems. So, in a way, it will also be available in Europe, at least within the EU.

The Pixel Fold has been presented with a price of €1,899 in Germany, for the 256 GB storage option. The variant with more storage, 512 GB, is priced at 2,019 euros.

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