The Pixel 8 shows its glass back with a detail that you will like. Incidentally, reveal the release date

With a week left, we know all the details of the Pixel 8 series and now we see its glass back An Irish operator has leaked the launch date


Since their birth, the Google Pixel They have been evolving over time and we arrive at the next launch with the Pixel 8 as the main actor, about which we know many details such as the design, the cameras, and even the extended 7-year support.

Now, as we read in 9to5Google, it has appeared in some high-quality photos, showing the back with a matte effect. Furthermore, the leak of official materials tells us when can we buy it.

Matte glass back and arrival date

Few secrets remain to be revealed about the Google Pixel 8, including its older brother, the ‘Pro’ version. We know almost all its sections, from the design, through the processor, memories, screens, battery, and even the cameras that will be integrated. It has become tradition Google has its flagships leaked, and this generation has been no exception.


In fact, the internet continues to be flooded with news about this phone and now the latest leaks show the Pixel 8 Pro glass back which as we can see in the image above has a matte texture on the black unit.

At least this will be the case if our preference is this color, although it remains unknown. What will the rears of the rest of the models be like?. As can be seen, the fingerprints do not seem to be too marked, something that the most exquisite users tend to fear.

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However, on the other hand, the Irish operator Three IE has also shared the reservation page for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, confirming some more details. Specifically, it reveals that the new Google smartphones will arrive in the designated country and that they will enter the reservation period starting October 4.

In the same way, the page also reveals the release date, and in the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, Three has confirmed that orders will begin to be delivered on October 12. This could be the same for orders placed in the Google Store, although we are not sure.

Be that as it may, it looks like the final release date will be that, being the 4th of October the day chosen to announce them, and in the process, reservations begin. With one week left until keynote from Google, almost all the fish is sold, although that does not mean that we want to see the next flagship of the Pixel family in action.