The Pixel 8 has been leaked again: a Google error confirms some of its features

We already have all the details of the design of the Pixel 8 Pro thanks to a leak from Google itself


It’s incredible, but Google has done it again. The Google Pixel 8 has been leaked for months and we already know some of its features and the design. It seemed that we would not have too many surprises either in design or features beyond the logical advances in power or cameras, but the design was confirmed a few days ago.

Google missed a photo in its own store that showed the rear design of the Pixel 8 Pro (with that huge camera module that increasingly has more of its part occupied by lenses and sensors). Now, and again on your website, Google has allowed us to see a 3D model of the Pixel 8 Proconfirming something that was also leaked months ago.

The Pixel 8 Pro naked

In the world of technology, leaks are a constant. It is very difficult to keep your new devices completely secret (tell Apple with the iPhone 15 about which we have known everything for months, or Samsung with its Galaxy S24 Ultra).

This occurs because there are many people involved in the production process, both from the company itself and from external partners and, therefore, it is easy for these leaks to occur at one point or another in the chain.

The presentation is scheduled for a month from now – October 4 – but as long as we continue at this pace, it won’t be necessary because we will know everything in advance. And the latest thing is a leak within the page Pixel Simulator which allows us to know the characteristics of each of your devices, as well as take a 3D virtual walk through them.

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Obviously, the bug was resolved quickly and the Pixel 8 can no longer be selected in the list of devices, but that has not stopped users from taking screenshots of the slip. Mishaal Rahman -one of the most reputable sources when we talk about Android- or Max Winebach They have hunted the Pixel 8 Pro.

In these images we have enough details. To start, it seems that the Pixel 8 Pro will be launched in sky blue, gray and graphite. This would add a color to the Pro line to make it less serious.

We can also see the screen frames, with a panel that appears completely flat unlike that seen in Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 7 Proas well as a chin somewhat wider than the upper frame.

On the back we have the traditional camera module, but also There seems to be a step between the curve of the glass back and the aluminum frame. We’ll see how it feels in hand. On the other hand, the existence of the leaked body temperature sensor is confirmed.

We’ll see what Google uses it for and if it stays like that weird feature they add for a generation and then we never see again (I’m looking at you, radar Soli the Pixel 4). I also know confirm that They will have a SIM slot, at least the Pro model.

But hey, it must be said that not all leaks are the fault of Google itself and a few days ago a video of the Pixel 8 in action was seen showing improvements in video editing thanks to artificial intelligence.

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In any way, Next October 4th we will have all the information and, apart from the launch event of the new Pixels, it seems that it will also be when Android 14 is released after the last minute changes.