The Pixel 8 cameras, naked: Pro mode and artificial intelligence to replace faces

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1695632757 840 560.jpeg

There is a week left until the presentation of the Pixel 8, but all the functions and features of its cameras have been leaked In addition to Pro mode on the Pixel 8 Pro, there is a function to change faces in photos thanks to AI

There is no week in which we do not have new leaks of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. There is less and less time until October 4, the official presentation day and, at this rate, also the launch date of Android 14, and the leaks in recent days leave no room for the imagination.

Now, the camera features of the new Pixel 8 have been leaked and will finally offer professional mode and a option to change the faces of the people who appear in the photograph. Do not make them sharper as with the Pixel 7but to completely change the expression.

Don’t you like the face? Change it with AI

The video you have on these lines is the one that Kamila Wojciechowska has leaked in the media 91mobiles. In it, we can see many features of both the photo mode and the video mode and some of them had been previously leaked, such as the magic noise eraser.

Google’s ‘Magic Eraser’ allows you to erase unwanted objects or people from a photo, but with this new function, lWhat the Pixel 8 will allow is to isolate important sound and separate it from the noise to, in a video, have the best possible quality.

For the video there will be other new functions such as ‘Night Sight’ to enhance the capture of videos in low light and ‘Video Boost’ with better stabilization, according to the leaked video, although we will have to wait to see the performance in our analysis.

In photography, Google will continue to improve its technologies ‘Real Tone’, night mode capture and astrophotography, but two things that stand out are the Pro controls (according to 91mobiles, exclusive for the Pixel 8 Pro) and the AI ​​face change.

The Pro mode will allow you to do what is already possible on the vast majority of mobile phones: control the focus, the ISO or the exposure time. The face change mode is quite disturbing because it is done after the fact. In the example video we have a photograph with three faces that appear making faces and later, in the editor, we can exchange the expressions.

A few years ago, Google presented a technology so that faces always came out sharp thanks to the capture of dozens of photos that were combined to automatically choose the best one in the final result. This was possible, according to Google, thanks to the power of the Pixel’s NPU.

This new face swap feature looks similar, but we can choose the one we like the most afterwards among several available options. It is something curious, which pushes photography driven by artificial intelligence, but which can also be very… artificial.

The characteristics of the cameras of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro

Now, the leak is not just about the functions and has also detailed all the physical characteristics of the cameras of the new models. We leave them below, but, as we always tell you, it is a leak and you have to take it with a grain of salt until October 4:

  Pixel 8 Pixel 8 Pro
Major 50 Mpx


1.2 micron pixel

1/1.31 inch sensor

50 Mpx


1.2 micron pixel

1/1.31 inch sensor

wide angle 12 Mpx


1.25 micron pixel


48 Mpx


0.8 micron pixel


Telephoto 48 Mpx


0.7 micron pixel

5x optical zoom

3x digital zoom

Frontal 10.5 Mpx


1.22 micron pixel

10.5 Mpx


1.22 micron pixel


In short, it is not official and we will have to wait to see what they present next week, but whatever it is, we will tell you in great detail. At the moment, we already know that, in addition to the two phones, we will have the Pixel Watch 2 and new Pixel Buds.

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