The Pixel 7a’s camera ranks number 1 in its segment on DXOMark

analisis pixel 7a teknofilo 29.jpg
analisis pixel 7a teknofilo 29.jpg

Google launched the mid-range Pixel 7a a few weeks ago, which arrives with many features inherited from its older Pixel 7 / 7 Pro siblings. You can read our review here.

Now the boys DXOMark have published the detailed analysis of the phone’s camera and screen.

Pixel 7a camera

With a score of 133, the Google Pixel 7a sits in the 27th place in the DXOMARK global camera rankingand ranked 2 in the high-end price category (above it are the premium and ultra-premium categories).

The Google Pixel 7a offers excellent performance for its category, slightly improving on its predecessor Pixel 6a. Although it has generally less sophisticated hardware than the Pixel 7 Pro and lacks a dedicated telephoto camera, it uses the same Google Tensor G2 chipset as the other Pixel 7 series devices.

The Google Pixel 7a’s camera performance is pretty close to that of the Pixel 7, especially in the photography and zoom categories. The phone offers excellent performance for still images, thanks to a great representation of color and skin tones.

However, while images show high levels of detail in most light conditions, the 7a can’t quite match the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. The Google Pixel 7a comes with a dedicated ultra-wide-angle camera with a field of view very wide for its class, but its lack of a dedicated telephoto lens diminishes the level of detail when zoomed in. In video mode, the Pixel 7a performs well overall in most conditions, despite some weaknesses in terms of color and detail reproduction.

Pixel 7a display

The display performance of the Google Pixel 7a puts it in the 11th place in the global DXOMARK ranking and in first place in the high-end segment (above are the premium and ultra-premium categories), thanks to a score of 140.

The display of the Google Pixel 7a reaches the top position of the high-end price segment thanks to its good color reproduction in all lighting conditions of the use cases, its notable improvements in motion and touch and its good handling of falls of video frames.

The Pixel 7a’s display is well-suited for use indoors, where it provides adequate readability along with very good color reproduction and smoothness. When playing video games, users will enjoy a good experience thanks to the smartphone’s fluid, precise and responsive screen, as well as its fine control of aliasing. However, when used outdoors, the lack of brightness of the Google Pixel 7a can make it difficult to view images.

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