The Pixel 7a will have a presentation partner… who will be a bomb

The Pixel 7a will have a presentation partner... who will be a bomb

A few days ago, many of the features that will offer the Pixel 7a, a terminal that will be officially announced at the next Google I / O (which is the developer conference of the Mountain View company and will be held on May 10). The fact is that today it has been leaked that this will be a terminal that canI might not be the only one to announce the signingand it might be time to drop a whole bombshell on the market.

Apparently, Google has decided that it is time to make its first terminal with a folding screen official, which would be called Pixel Fold -and not Notepad as pointed out in some sources-. The truth is that the arrival of this terminal is intuited very close, since there are not a few of the company’s applications that are being updated to offer better performance on smartphones with this type of screen (such as Gmail or YouTube).

What is expected of this new foldable from the Pixel range

The first and most important thing is that it will be like the Galaxy Z Fold, so we are talking about a screen that will open to the 7.69 inches (and closed it will stay at 5.79). In addition, it is practically certain that the storage will be 256GB, without offering different options to choose from since Google’s decision would be to launch a single model, at least initially. This team would have 12 gigs of RAM and the processor a tensioner 2 of its own design, so it will have power to spare… always awaiting the arrival of the new Pixel 8 -of which, surely, something will be discussed at the presentation event-.

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Pixel 7 Fold rear

With respect to Pixel 7athis will be a model of mid-range which will include a 6.1-inch OLED screen and will integrate the same processor as the aforementioned terminal. But, yes, the RAM will remain at 6GB. One of its innovations will be the use of wireless charging and an improved camera with a 64GB Sony IMX787 main sensor. By the way, the operating system will be Android 13, but the update to the new version will be very fast.

Market arrival and prices

In the first of the cases, the data that has been known indicates that the sale of the two phones would begin in the July, and Spain would be one of the first markets in which both Google Pixels could be obtained. Regarding the price, things are very different, since the Fold aims to cost more than €1,500 while the mid-range terminal would stay at five hundred euros. The difference, as you can see, is quite noticeable.