The Pixel 7a runs out of secrets: Google is right with the evolution of this mobile

The Pixel 7a runs out of secrets: Google is right with the evolution of this mobile

Google already has its developer event scheduled for the month of May of 2023 (specifically on the 10th), and that same day it is expected that its new Pixel 7a. This will be a model that will attack the mid-range and from which a good evolution is expected so that it continues to be a attractive option for users. And, from what has been known, so it will be.

The truth is that the information that has become known It doesn’t come with any particularly big surprises, but it is clear that it has improved enough to keep this range of products among the best Android mid-range without any doubt. A clear example of what we say is that the processor will be a Tensioner G2 Own design that ensures excellent power in all types of work. In addition, the RAM will be 8GB type LPDDR5so the speed of this component will be excellent (like the storage that will be UFS 3.1 type).

On the other hand, what the integrated screen of the Pixel 7a will be like has also been leaked, and there is nothing that is groundbreaking either, but completely convincing. With dimensions of 6.1 inches with OLED type panel, it will not lack Full HD + resolution and, in the frequency, may be the Achilles heel of this terminal, since it would remain at 90Hz. It won’t be a serious problem, far from it, but it does distance him a bit from some of the rivals he will have on the market. Something that will not happen with connectivity, where there will not be so much 5G as access to WiFi 6E networks.

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Google Pixel 7a rear camera

A camera that will be quite good the Pixel 7a

As usual in Google’s product range, the software help that is included to achieve quality images will be excellent (the Tensor G2 processor has a lot to do with this, by the way). The point is that it is expected 64MP main sensor (specifically a Sony IMX787) that will be accompanied by a second element from the same manufacturer, but in this case IMX712 with twelve megapixels, to optimize the wide angle. The fact is that everything points to a good qualitative leap in this section.

Google Pixel 7a SIM tray

With a fingerprint reader on the screen and a battery that will have a fast charge of at least 45W (note that it seems that this model could also include wirelesswhich would be completely differential in its product range), the truth is that there is no fault in what has to do with the features that the Pixel 7a that will arrive with Android 14 will offer.

Possible price of the new phone

The current model is priced at 459 euros, and what is expected -without confirmation yet- is that at most go up to €475. Therefore, a large price increase will not be applied to the Pixel 7a that will initially go on sale in white, black and blue colors.