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The Pixel 7 will record your coughs and snoring while you sleep

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In May, we heard that Google was working on adding cough and snore detection to Android. A few weeks ago. We discovered evidence through an analysis of the APK of the Digital Wellbeing app that this functionality was on the way.

Now Mishaal Rahman, former XDA Editor-in-Chief, has posted on Twitter A screenshot of the initial setup process for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

As we can see, the new Google phones (and possibly other Pixels) will offer the functionality of cough and snoring detection while we sleep. In order for this functionality to do its job, we will need to give it permission to access the microphone.

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The screenshot also indicates that snoring and coughing recordings are not shared with anyone, not even Google, and that the microphone indicator will not appear on screen when this feature is active.

Hopefully this functionality will be integrated into Digital Wellbeing, which will use the phone’s gyroscope and ambient light sensor to detect if the phone is sitting still overnight.

This feature is already present in some watches, such as the Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch 5, but many people do not have smartwatches. It’s also part of the second generation of the Nest Hub, which is still less widespread, so the idea of ​​including it on the phone will help it reach a lot more people.

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