The Pioneering Connected Watch that Monitors Your Temperature Around the Clock

Withings will release its new generation of Scan Watch this fall. The most optimized, the Scan Watch 2, will be able to permanently record body temperature, in addition to monitoring sleep, cardiovascular health and any other physical activity. It now also includes three new parameters: respiratory rate, variations in heart rate during sleep and monitoring of the menstrual cycle. They both have a battery life of 30 days. Presented at the IFA show, they will be available in October.

This autumn will release the first connected watch capable of monitoring the evolution of the body temperature of the one who door. Far from being a gadget, this novelty can help many sick people, but also athletes and even certain professionals.

The French manufacturer Withings, a true reference in matter connected health, has just presented its new range of Scan Watch watches, capable of measuring your temperature 24/7, a great first. Until now, this functionality was quite limited. The reference in terms of connected watch, the Apple Watch , for example, only offers to measure it at night, as part of “monitoring the sleep”. However, having permanent access to your temperature from your connected watch can be a valuable help for many people.

Three new features at your fingertips
Kept on the wrist, this watch will be able to measure continuously, thanks to its sensors, body temperature, day and night, as well as variation in heart rate, respiratory rate and sleep cycles . Women can, for their part, enter and follow their menstrual cycles directly on their connected watch.

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This functionality is not trivial, because a lot of people theoretically need to constantly know their body temperature . This is particularly the case for people suffering from chronic or autoimmune diseases, but also from disorders endocrine, such as diabetes or hypothyroidism. Generally speaking, it can also be useful to any frail elderly person . In their case, any sudden change in temperature could be subject to complications .

In addition to sick people, this continuous temperature measurement can also be useful for people who regularly practice an activity. physical intense, but also for all those who work in extreme conditions, in very hot or conversely cold places. The Scan Watch Light and Scan Watch 2 will be available in October 2023 from 250 and 350 euros respectively.