The OPPOs that do not arrive in Spain: we tested the X6 Find Pro, N3 and Find N3

Hands on of OPPO’s high-end: this is the experience with the most ambitious mobile phones from the Chinese firm


A few weeks ago we traveled to China to see the latest in innovation and the ins and outs of OPPO factoriesbut we also had the opportunity to get our hands on it and try first-hand the high range of the Asian firm.

Because no, the OPPO X6 Find Pro has not reached our borders and never will (in fact, there are already rumors of its flagships for 2024, the OPPO X7 Find). It also does not seem that their latest generation of folding devices will arrive, the clamshell type OPPO Find N3 Flip and the butterfly type, the OPPO Find N3. In fact, the best next-generation OPPO that you can buy in Spain is the OPPO Reno10 5G, an ambitious mid-range that left us wanting more: no wonder having tried his older brothers.

OPPO Find X6 Pro: a serious candidate for best mobile of the year (and also the most beautiful)

Taking into account the presentation schedule of the Chinese brand and despite not having official statements regarding OPPO, we can safely say that it will not be sold in Spain: it was presented in March 2023 and its successor is already in the oven. And the truth is, it’s a shame, because he was running to be one of the phones of the year and that’s how I felt when I was able to try it.

With a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 under the hood, a 120 Hz Quad HD+ AMOLED panel with a spectacular 2,500 nits of brightness (which are already behind us, because brightness is the new megapixels for manufacturers), a first-class photographic configuration and the last in loads, the technical sheet is at the level of the flagship that it is and although we did not have material time or opportunity to test its cameras or its fluidity (the fact that ColorOS was also in Chinese did not help much either) beyond some basic operations, its appearance is not far behind.

Img 3191

The OPPO X6 Find Pro enters through the eyes and screams premium from all sides. The front features a superb screen that looks luxurious, with reduced edges and has a hole for the selfie camera. The phone feels pleasant in hand in terms of dimensions, although it is not exactly light for its dimensions (216 grams, about 30 grams more than the iPhone 15 Pro).

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Img 3193

Its chassis is made of elegant matte aluminum with slightly curved corners, the volume buttons on the right, the on/off button on the left and the USB-C charging port at the bottom, a fairly common arrangement. But we have saved the best for last: a rear with a lot of personality.

Img 3192 3

The role is divided into two: on the one hand, generous module where the cameras are locatedsigned in collaboration with Hasselblad, in a circular protuberance placed in the upper and centered area that means that when the phone is placed face up, it remains inclined.

The second thing is that the lower part of the rear is covered in eco synthetic leather that is pleasant to look at and touch. Although forceful, which can make it uncomfortable to handle with one hand, it offers a good grip thanks to details such as the curvature or that textured effect of the textile.

OPPO Find N3: the twin brother of the OnePlus Open teaches a lesson

I’m not going to lie to you: when the team of journalists who traveled to China with OPPO got our hands on the Find N3, there were more than one and two people who seriously considered checking out because we had precedents: it is the twin of the OnePlus Open and buying it there the price difference was notable (although then there are other tolls to pay in the form of restrictions and absences in software) and OnePlus’ first foldable conquered us.

Img 3198

In fact, the OPPO Find N3 is a lesson in what a foldable should be in the design section, according to our experience: when it’s practically a standard phone although a little thicker, but even at first glance it compares very little with the X6 Find Pro.

First, because visually the curves and protuberance of the As a result, this device with a 20:0:9 ratio and 239 grams of weight is moderately comfortable to operate with one hand and the toll of the format is not too high when folded.

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Img 2688

But not only is it a good design and compactness within what is technically possible when folded, its 6.31″ AMOLED exterior screen with 2K resolution is the icing on the cake, since makes it possible to use it as a mobile phone. This point seems secondary, but it is not: we are not dealing with an auxiliary panel in quality or size, which translates into being able to use it often for things such as scrolling on Instagram while riding the subway or answering a WhatsApp. That is, in most scenarios the external screen is sufficient.

But if we need more because it falls short, I think for example of watching a video, answering an email or reading a document, when we open it we find a 7.82-inch LTPO AMOLED type panel with 2K resolution that offers a fantastic image quality in terms of sharpness and brightness.

Img 3212

Another point to highlight is its very high construction quality: It feels sturdy, with a perfect fit so that when it’s folded it feels like it’s sealed to keep out dirt. In short, it is a phone that, due to its lines and materials, is robust and premium.

The wrinkle on the main screen is barely noticeablewhich is good news thanks to a commendable job with the unfolded folding mechanism, at least in these initial manipulations: it opens and closes easily and even with one hand and gives a feeling of solidity.

We can dedicate few lines to performance and cameras: we know from its technical specifications that it aspires to be the best of the best and in this hands-up it left proof of this.

Img 3209

OPPO Find N3 Flip

The third phone from the brand that we were able to get our hands on was the OPPO Find N3 Flip, the most affordable and compact folding in the house. Clamshell foldables are usually the most affordable, something that is also true of this OPPO model, but Its technical sheet takes it to the high rangewith a Dimension 9200 as a motor, triple rear camera with 50 MP main sensor, 48 MP wide angle and 32 MP telephoto, among others.

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Img 3187

In hand this phone is a delight for its lightness and designsomething we already saw with its predecessor the N2 Flip. However, both generally share the dimensions and weight. Although at 198 grams it is not exactly a light phone, when folded it essentially takes up half, making it comfortable and transportable.

In fact, the main aesthetic changes with the previous generation are that the camera module is more prominent and its body has curved glass on the sides. On a personal note, the camera issue penalizes in terms of going unnoticed in the pocket, but in exchange it still feels more premium.

Img 3186

The exterior screen, 3.26 inches of AMOLED type, has the quality to offer any type of content, although is dedicated to specific tasks such as seeing notifications, skipping songs, timers, quick settings in the control center or taking photos, for which having the camera next to you is a real treat for selfie lovers.

But unlike the N3 itself, With the Flip version the normal thing will be to unfold the phone to use it, with a high-end screen, that is, 6.8 inches of AMOLED type, 10 bits of color depth and 120 Hz refresh rate, which shows clear images with good color. Of course, the edges around the panel are still moderately thick as on the N2 Flip.

Img 3211

If having to unfold the phone is a necessity, having a good hinge mechanism seems providential… and in fact it does: the folding and unfolding process is agile, fluid and solid, giving a feeling of reliability and not fragility. However, it can also remain partially deployed. As with the N3 book type, the wrinkle goes practically unnoticed.

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