The OnePlus Pad is tougher than it looks, and a video clearly shows it

The OnePlus Pad is tougher than it looks, and a video clearly shows it
the oneplus pad is tougher than it looks, and a

The OnePlus Pad is tougher than it looks, and a video clearly shows it

If he OnePlusPad It is a device that catches your attention and you are considering buying it, you may have in mind getting a case to protect it. But before doing this, you should know if the device’s resistance is good enough to survive without it. Well, a video in which he submits to the team to different tests makes it very clear that work has been done with him in terms of resistance.

On the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, which is specialized in this type of test, he has subjected the OnePlus Pad to all kinds of difficulties, including the use of sharp objects, applying fire and, of course, exerting a lot of force to check the torsion of the tablet. And we already announced that there are surprises in the latter, since the durability reveals that a lot of pressure is needed to bend the device.

Endurance tests for the OnePlus Pad

First of all, what was checked was the scratch resistance of the screen. As expected, marks appear when using level 6 of the Mohs hardness scale. That is, it is in line with what all its competitors offer. It goes without saying that by using one more degree, deeper grooves can be seen (but this is a situation that should not occur regularly).

The next idea you have is to apply a cutter to the casing. It begins with scraping the sides of the tablet, revealing a metal frame after the color finish. It’s not surprising that the aluminum on the sides can’t quite withstand the abuse, but it’s quite positive to see that the power button and volume buttons don’t fall out of place easily.

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The rear metal panel and camera lenses also resist scratches reasonably well. A curiosity in this section: the OnePlus Stylo breaks quite easilyso you may want to protect the accessory.

Final attacks on the tablet

One of the last tests is to put pressure on the OnePlus Pad with your hands. Despite the efforts, the tablet did not bend much, which is excellent news. However, there was a small gap between the screen and the frame, as can be seen in the video itself. Most importantly, the device did not break or stop working, which is a clear sign that the device is far superior to other OnePlus products.

tablet OnePlus pad green

Some of the best Android tablets, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, also passed the same torture test with no issues… unlike Apple’s 2022 iPad, which suffers badly under the pressure. Therefore, the OnePlus Pad endures the day to day without problem some.