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The OnePlus Nord Watch is official, is it competition for the Apple Watch?

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The OnePlus Nord Watch is official is it competition for

More and more companies are increasing their bet in the wearable accessories market. This is logical because the expectations that are held indicate that in the year 2023 this will be a segment that will grow, so everyone wants their share of the cake. And an example is one pluswhich has just announced a new smart watch.

The device comes as an economical and complete option for those who want to have a product of this type without having to leave their salary for it. the name it has is OnePlus Nord Watch and it is a bet that does not lack complete features and that makes it highly usable. An example of what we say is that the screen of this new smartwatch is 1.78 inchesso it’s pretty big.

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This has the virtue of being AMOLED, which ensures fairly high accuracy with colors and high brightness, so you will have no problem seeing what is displayed outdoors no matter how much light there is. By the way, its resolution is 368 x 448 pixels, so everything is very well defined.

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one plus

The best that this OnePlus offers: its autonomy

Inside the wearable is a battery of 230mAh, which is quite an important burden considering the type of product we are talking about. And this is where it seems that the manufacturer launches its big bet in terms of features. With intensive use, you can reach 10 days of use, which is not bad. But, if Low Power Mode is used, the time it is possible to reach the month. And, this, yes, it can be something that manages to convince potential buyers.

As usual in this type of device, a wide range of possibilities is included when recognizing the exercise that is done (they are 105 sports it detects automatically). In addition, it is capable of providing precise information on the physical activity that is done, since for this it includes a good amount of sensors like the heart rate itself. The fact is that you will be able to know the quality of sleep; going through the saturation of the blood; and it is even possible to track the menstrual cycle. That yes, already an absence: it does not integrate GPS, so you have to resort to the smartphone through Bluetooth.

1664818393 931 The OnePlus Nord Watch is official is it competition for
one plus

Price of this new smart watch

With a finish that matches plastic and zinc, which allows a more than remarkable resistance (it does not lack its own against water, since it includes compatibility with the IP68 standard), the colors with which the OnePlus Nord Watch is put up for sale are black and blue. The strap, which is made of silicone, can be changed to choose different options.

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As far as its price is concerned, it stands at about 90 euros. This, obviously, will allow it to be a purchase option that many will seriously value. Due to its features, it is not a high-end model, but it is solvent, and it will rival the best such as the Samsung or Apple models.


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