The OnePlus Nord Buds 2 headphones arrive: noise cancellation for less than €70

Surprise from the company OnePlus. In an event that has been held in Asia, has announced the arrival of new headphones. This, above all, stands out for offering a spectacular quality/price ratio and, therefore, they can become one of the best-selling models in this year 2023.

These cases are earbuds type, so they offer excellent freedom of movement, since they do not use any cables between the elements that make up the product and, neither, with the sound source. This is due to the use of technology bluetooth which also ensures that you can use them with any current device, including those that include operating systems iOS and Android. Therefore, no innovation here, but a simple operation and completely recognizable in the OnePlus product.

Good sound in OnePlus headphones

There are several reasons for this product to think that it complies perfectly in this section. To begin with, the controller for each element is 12.4 millimeters. A sufficient size so that the power is high in relation to the volume and, in addition, so that no distortion is generated regardless of the type of music that is played. On the other hand, it includes the use of algorithm called BassWave that ensures excellent bass management without losing definition.


For these OnePlus Nord Buds 2 to be an adequate solution in current times, the helmets do not lack the use of active noise cancellation (ANC), which is capable of reaching up to 25dB, which is not a bad brand at all. The management of all this is done through the use of two microphones -which also allow the product to be used hands-free- and a dual core processor so that the precision is always the best possible. It does not lack a Transparency Mode that ensures that you hear what is happening around you, ideal if you are in a site with a lot of traffic.

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Good autonomy, even with cancellation activated

Taking advantage of the fact that a transport case with its own battery is included, the firm ensures that, if you have the cancellation in useIt can be reached until 27 hours without having to look for a socket. In addition, if this is not used, you can get to nothing less than thirty-six. That is to say, it is the best on the market. Its charging is done through a USB Type-C port and, in addition, it is possible to obtain energy in 10 minutes of the process to reach five hours of operation.


So that the OnePlus Nord Buds 2 does not lack anything, it must be said that they are compatible with the IP55 standard, so water or sweat does not affect them at all. In addition, they allow the management of reproductions through the use of gestures, which adds great simplicity when it comes to controlling music.

A price that is excellent

In the presentation that has just been made, the company has announced that the OnePlus Nord Buds 2 can be purchased in black and white colors, being its price of 69 euros. Not bad and, for this reason, it has quite a few options to be a regular choice by users. His arrival in Spain has not been confirmed, but it is certain that it will take place.