The OnePlus Fold could be announced in an unusual place and it will be sooner than expected

The OnePlus Fold could be announced in an unusual place and it will be sooner than expected
the oneplus fold could be announced in an unusual place

The OnePlus Fold could be announced in an unusual place and it will be sooner than expected

According to the information that has appeared and comes from Pricebaba, it seems that OnePlus is clear about where and when the company plans to announce its first folding phone. And, the truth is that there are curious facts.

It will be announced at the first half of august the moment in which this terminal will be a reality. And also, to the surprise of many, the chosen place will be NY. In other words, the Asian firm’s way of acting is significantly changed and, it seems, all this is intended to have a high-magnitude interfacial impact (it is not ruled out that there are some secondary locations, as has been done by Google on occasion).

It is important to note that the source of the information may be wrong, but it is no less true that the manufacturer promised that the launch of the OnePlus Fold would take place in the third quarter of this year, something that fits perfectly with what has been known.

OnePlus’ first experience with foldables

This will be the company’s first foldable screen smartphone. Although we are not yet sure if it will be called OnePlus Fold (the company has also registered the name of V Fold), all sources indicate that the first option we have discussed will be the chosen one. It is important to indicate that, despite the fact that this device is launched in New York, will be available worldwide with total security.

Logo on the back of a OnePlus phone

The OnePlus Fold could be a global variant of the OPPO Find N3 according to rumors. There are even sources that indicate that it could be practically a renowned version of that phone. In what has to do with the specifications, everything indicates that the terminal will have a Open 8-inch OLED main screen (your sub panel would be 6.5 inches).

A smartphone that will be powerful

The device is expected to use a processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 And, in what has to do with memory, the RAM would be LPDDR5X type and the UFS 4.0 storage. It would use the Android 13 operating system and would have a beta of 4,800mAhwhich would not lack a high-power fast charge: 80W -the phone will include a charger in the box-.

One final detail: it is rumored that a main camera would have a sensor of 50 megapixels, one for the 48MP wide angle and another 32-megapixel periscope type. Therefore, this OnePlus would be one of the best foldables in the photography section.


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