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The OnePlus Buds Ace headphones are official and arrive with an insane battery

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The company OnePlus just announced some new headphones type earbuds (that is, similar to AirPods). The model has some good characteristics, but what is really attractive is in everything that has to do with the autonomy and also in the price which is most striking. We tell you what you should keep in mind.

The device we are talking about is the OnePlus Buds Ace. Available in black and white colors, it has a fairly familiar design, since they look quite similar to the previous generation of these headphones (such as the Buds N). Among the options that attract the attention of this product is that it has a total battery -added to the one included in the transport case-, which allows you to reach a figure that is breathtaking: no less than 36 hours of playback. An excellent figure and one that has few rivals today. In addition, in this section it should be noted that they have fast charge that allow you to get five hours of use in just 10 minutes.

More complete than these helmets look

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This is so if its price is taken into account, which we will talk about later. Suffice it to say that they are especially cheap and, despite this, they have interesting options such as including active noise cancellation (ANC). The pressure they get isn’t crazy, but it does keep cars or the subway from being a nuisance when listening to music. Besides, the Driver of each earphone is 12.4 millimeters, which ensures precision and, also, absence of distortion. A striking detail in this section is the compatibility of this product with the AAC codec.


Communication is done through the use of technology bluetooth, being the OnePlus Buds Ace compatible with version 5.3. Other options that are not lacking and make them an ideal model for all kinds of purposes is that it has IP55 water protectiongestures can be used to control the reproductions and that can be used as hands-free because several microphones are included for it.

Price of the OnePlus Buds Ace

This is one of the things that makes this new OnePlus accessory most interesting. The reason is that in its presentation it has been indicated that it has a price in China of 249 yuan, which means that around 38 euros to change. Therefore, they can compete in the entry and mid-range with very good weapons because they lack nothing (even silicone tips to offer good ergonomics). The normal thing is that in a short time they arrive in our country.


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