The OnePlus 12 shines in its first official images. It already has a presentation date and first official details

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1701097214 840 560.jpeg

The company has said that we must prepare for the birth of a new king


In recent years a fashion has prevailed: almost all companies show their new mobile phones before officially presenting them. There are some exceptions like Apple and Samsung – although sometimes they have also joined in on this – but in general, there are no more surprises and attending a presentation without having any idea of ​​what they are going to show (or based only on leaks ).

The latest to join this trend has been OnePlus. And, to celebrate the OnePlus 12 presentation date announcement, has shared the first photographs and images of the terminal. It has a classic look, its most recognizable element is present and it has the potential to be one of the best high-end phones of the year.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and periscopic telephoto for the OnePlus 12

Under the hook “a new king is born”, OnePlus has shared both the design and some details about the new generation. The first thing is that it is a highly anticipated mobile phone after the good work of a OnePlus 11 who was one of the first to show the potential of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Precisely, and after following the example of mobile phones such as the Xiaomi 14 or the RedMagic 9 Pro, this OnePlus 12 will mount the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. It is something that has been confirmed on the page Weibo from the Chinese company, in addition to having up to 24 GB of LPDDR5X memory and up to 1 TB of storage.

Not much has been mentioned about the screen and cameras, but we know that It will have three cameras and one of them will be a periscopic telephoto. The OnePlus 11 had a telephoto lens, but only two times, so seeing a periscopic system, we expect a longer focal length in this generation.

And what we can also see is that the Alert Slider, the brand’s hallmark, will be present for another generation. It is the switch that allows you to change between silent, vibration or standard mode.

OnePlus 12

As for colors, it seems that we will have a model in white, another in emerald green and another in black. Now You just have to wait until December 5, since it is the date of the official presentation in Chinato know all the details of the device and resolve doubts about the screen format (whether it will be curved or not) and if it will use the LYTIA sensor that we saw in the OnePlus Open and what good feelings it caused us.


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