The oldest wild bird on record has just had a child

The oldest wild bird on record has just had a child

A population of 2.5 million Laysan albatrosses (Phoebastria immutabilis). Among them is a record-breaking albatross, named Wisdom, who at the ripe old age of 70 gave birth to a new baby (estimated to be the mother of more than thirty chicks).

Usually when they choose a mate, these birds stay together for life (and they have a very peculiar mating ritual). Experts, however, believe that Wisdom also had other companions, since “they can find new partners if necessary, for example if their first mate dies“says Dr. Beth Flint in a press release from the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

In nature, Laysan albatrosses typically live to be 50 years old and Wisdom in 2011 even survived a tsunami in Midway Atoll in 2011. The chick hatched on February 1, after a full two months of waiting. Each year the bird returns to the island, along with more than a million of its kind, and here experts take the opportunity to study these creatures.

Each year that Wisdom returns, we learn more about how long seabirds manage to live and raise chicks“, continues Flint.”His return not only inspires bird lovers everywhere, but helps us better understand how we can protect these graceful seabirds and the habitat they need to survive in the future.“.

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