The Nuphy Halo65, the trending wireless keyboard.


The Nuphy Halo65 is a small keyboard with a bit of a price tag; You’ve been patiently waiting for the new wireless mechanical keyboard to become available, and the wait is over. Now you can have the brightest and most customizable keyboard around.

The accessory nuphy it is a fairly compact wireless mechanical keyboard that is very useful, but its small size is offset by a higher price.

The Nuphy brand defines its keyboard as follows: “Designed for professionals and hardcore gamers, the Halo65 has the firepower to handle the most demanding tasks. From the cover to the overlay, from the actuator to the damper, we’ve pushed the limits of wireless mechanical keyboard technology and fine-tuned every component to create an unprecedented typing experience.”

The keyboard comes with interchangeable keycaps in different colors, from yellow to red to white, and a USB-C to USB-A charging cable to use the keyboard in wired mode or charge it after wireless use.

It also includes a tool to remove the keys when the device is turned off. In addition, NuPhy offers a one-year warranty on all its products.

Developed for Mac and Windows.

The company made the following comments: “We have updated and adapted the layout and functions of the MacOS/Windows media keys on our keyboards to reflect the latest developments from operating system manufacturers, including the introduction of keyboard shortcuts for the function. Apple special “Spotlight”. Dictation’ and ‘Halo65 Dictation’ in Mac mode”. “We will continue to look for additional options and key combinations to offer added value to our users in the software realm.”

Nuphy Halo65 keyboard layout and features.

The Halo65 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard comes in a small aluminum case that measures 12.5 inches and weighs 2.20 pounds, which is a bit heavy for those looking for a wireless keyboard for travel.

The 65 in the name refers to it being a 65% ANSI keyboard, which does away with the number pad, function bar, and other unnecessary keys. Actually, it has 67 keys in total.

On the back there is a USB-C port to which you can connect the supplied cable to charge the keyboard or use it in wired mode. There is also an on/off switch next to the connector.

The icons indicate the position of the switch that performs the corresponding action. This keyboard supports Bluetooth 5.0.

Underneath the keyboard are two stands that allow you to position the keyboard at different angles. Since this is a mechanical keyboard, the higher angle may be more comfortable for some people when typing.

The stands are highly adjustable and can be tilted to any height. Above each larger stand is a smaller stand that offers more possibilities to choose the most comfortable angle for the user.

The keyboard keys are mechanical and have a backlit plate that provides excellent typing effects.

The top row consists of a series of numbers, but there are also various functions to control the device’s volume, screen brightness, access to the multitasking screen, search, and Siri.

There is also a small LED bar in the upper left corner of the keyboard. This bar is adjustable and also indicates battery level, whether the cover is on, and whether the keyboard is wired or wireless.

Typing experience.

The Halo65 wireless mechanical keyboard is easy and enjoyable to use. The keys are flexible and durable and do not stick together.

Clicks are smooth and snappy. Plus, the keys are close enough together that your fingers don’t stretch when typing.

Keyboard customization.

There are two areas where you can customize the keyboard: the backlight and the keys themselves.

Backlight keyboard.

The backlit keyboard can be customized in several ways: the color displayed, the effect generated, the speed of light, and the brightness of the lights.

Hold down the Fn key and click the different arrows to adjust the different areas. The left arrow changes the effect, the right arrow changes the color, the up or down arrow increases or decreases the brightness, and the comma or period key changes the speed of the effects.

Color key change.

Color effects aren’t the only area of ​​in-depth customization. Some keys can be removed and replaced with other colors and themes.

The tool included in the package is also easy to use. Just insert it above and below the key, pull it and the key will come out. The key can fly out, so be careful.

Nuphy Halo65 battery life.

Nuphy claims that the keyboard can be used wirelessly for 240 hours, and that seems to be true. Inside is a 4000 mAh battery that lasts efficiently and robustly.

Rest hands.

Along with the keyboard, Nuphy also sells an optional palm rest for $29 on Nuphy’s website.

Where can I buy it?

You can buy the wireless mechanical keyboard on Nuphy’s website for $119.95 or for $139.99 through Nuphy on Amazon. The Halo65 comes in black and white.

Opinions on the Nuphy Halo65.

Thanks to the numerous customization options offered by the lighting effects and the switching keys, the keyboard can satisfy your personal wishes in many ways.

These customization features are also easy to use, because everything you need is already included.

The experience of typing on the keyboard is at a high level, since each key is robust and does not get stuck at any time.

Since the keyboard is a bit smaller, it can take a minute to get used to typing, but once you get used to it, navigation is easy.

Overall, the keyboard is well finished, feels good to type on, offers strong wireless connectivity, has extensive customization options in almost all areas, and has keyboard shortcuts on the top number line.

If you are looking for a good and durable keyboard, you should seriously consider the Halo65 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, which has been highly rated by most of the users who have purchased it.