The Nothing Phone 2a is filtered with design changes: this is how it will differ from the Phone (2)

the nothing phone 2a is filtered with design changes this is how it will differ from the phone (2)
the nothing phone 2a is filtered with design changes this is how it will differ from the phone (2)

Nothing is already preparing everything for the launch of the mobile with which it wants to compete against Google’s next Pixel 8a.


The Nothing Phone 2a was leaked very recently to show its design, and now another leak has arrived that expands this information to give more details about the design language used in the mobile phone that wants to compete against Google’s next Pixel 8a.

Today was the day in which the company led by Carl Pei, one of the two founders of OnePlus, has to the second of its mobile phones launched in Spain. A laborious job that this Chinese company is achieving with the clear intention of making it very difficult for its competitors.

Yogesh Brar, one of the most prestigious leakers, has mentioned that he has had the opportunity to see a prototype of the new Nothing Phone 2a . He maintains that the brand is making interesting decisions in the design of the upcoming device. Firstly, the front maintains the hole in the screen located in the center, while the most relevant changes are found on the back.

The rear, the biggest change

The biggest difference compared to the Nothing Phone (2) is found in the location of the control panel. cameras which this time is located in a horizontal alignment in the central area of ​​the rear. Also, Nothing wants to distance itself from the criticism received about the Phone (2) being similar to the Phone (1). The Nothing Phone 2a will receive a renovation with some elements borrowed from the previous Phone (2), but with the idea of ​​it being a different smartphone.


This is perhaps where this company is sinning the most, since by having its own identity seal, for the moment it has maintained a continuous line, at least for Phone (2) and the following 2a; which at the moment is based on the same elements. We will have to wait for the Nothing Phone (3) if it is capable of continuing to evolve that design language that has even allowed other brands to be inspired by it.

The best example has been the new Apple Beats headphones launched this year in which you can see this way of showing the internal parts of the accessory. She will not be the only one to imitate or be inspired in the avant-garde design language that has been seen in accessories and Nothing mobiles.


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