The next thing about Google Maps will be to show you where the door is to enter a building

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the next thing about google maps will be to show.webp.webp.webp

Google Maps can play tricks on you when it takes you to a place and then it turns out that the entrance is at the other end. Google maps are working to tell us where is the entrance to a building with a new icon.

Google continues to refine its maps so that they have complete and very specific information. The last test is going to help us know where the door of a place is so that we don’t end up on the next street and have to go around the block.

You enter through here

When you tell Google Maps that you want to go somewhere, the application must choose which point to take you to when we are talking about a large area, such as a park or a large building. Usually, takes you to the most popular entry unless you indicate otherwise.

Over time, Google Maps has “learned” where to enter many places to use this information in routes, but the problem it has is that: that you need to start a route. If you’re just looking at the map, you had no way to know if the entrance is in front, on the back street or on the other block.

The door

The input icons on the left (image from Android Police) and the same site on a mobile that does not show them yet

This is precisely what Google Maps is testing now: an icon that shows where is the entrance of the building you have selected. It is shown highlighted in a circular arrow icon for inputs and we can assume that it will also exist at some point for outputs.

In our tests, this icon did not appear, so it appears to be a limited test that appears only when knocking on a buildingat which time said building is highlighted in reddish color.

This movement is similar to the advanced street-level details that the application has been including in certain cities for a few years, with which we can see the specific widths of sidewalks or the locations of zebra crossings.

Via | Android Police

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