The next LG televisions will be able to be controlled with gestures thanks to their new chip

the next lg televisions will be able to be controlled.jpg
the next lg televisions will be able to be controlled.jpg

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The world of televisions changes year after year, imposing new improvements with which it is possible to improve image quality, sound and the way of controlling them. And it is at this last point where LG wants to hit the table with the integration of a new range of chips with which it will be possible to control them with gestures.

This would be one of the characteristics of the new Alpha 10 chip that the South Korean company has prepared for the next televisions in 2024. Let’s take a look at what is expected from this new processor with which we will have more news in the performance of the screens.

Alpha 10, this is what is expected from the new LG processors

Televisions have become electronic devices in which the image is the most important thing. Yes, this has been the case since their creation, but over time they have become devices with unparalleled capabilities thanks to a series of hardware improvements, the arrival of applications and the increasingly evident integration of artificial intelligence.

But LG is clear that they are still capable of giving these devices more options, as we will see next year with features like the ones we are going to see below:

More improved picture and sound

The arrival of a more powerful processor to a device is always a symbol of improvements in a device. In this case we have to talk about the improvements that LG has planned for next year and one of the improvements is on the audiovisual level. It is not surprising, since everything indicates that the device is capable of analyzing images with in order to reduce image noise and improve it.

alpha 9The sound is not far behind either since artificial intelligence will be in charge of providing improvements for correct listening to the content. All this will only improve the capabilities of these televisions and the best of all is that it could be seen on all those that arrive next year.

Motion detection

Curiously, one of the things that attracts the most attention about what is expected in 2024 from LG televisions has to do with movement. Yes, and everything indicates that the televisions will have a system to recognize your position in the room or the gestures you make to perform different actions assigned to each one.

There is also talk that they could include a camera for this, something really necessary for these detection systems and also for making video calls. This has not yet been confirmed by the company, although it would be a step forward in the manufacturing of televisions.

Ready for OLED 2024 series

One of the things you have to know is that the report that sheds light on the future of LG televisions has a specific series in which they will develop their potential. This will be the OLED 2024 range, which is scheduled to arrive in January next year. It is true that there is still a lot of time ahead, but there is still time for the firm to delight us with more news from its range of televisions for next year.

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