The next big Windows update is nearing completion, but don’t expect it anytime soon

the next big windows update is nearing completion, but don't expect it anytime soon
the next big windows update is nearing completion, but don't expect it anytime soon

Microsoft would be addressing the final phases of development of Windows 11 24H2, according to the latest leaks. But does this mean that users could download quickly? We answer this question and tell you what deadlines could be being considered.

Over the past few months, we have seen a lot of rumors regarding the possible timelines expected for Windows 11 24H2 . Although there is still no official announcement in this regard, everything seems to indicate that the next major update to Microsoft’s operating system could be closer than ever. Although, yes, the end user will still take several months, at best, to have it at their disposal.

It was X user Zac Bowden , one of the most well-known leakers in the Windows ecosystem, who used his personal account to give some approximate deadlines that could serve as guidance.

Windows 11 24H2 deadlines

As we can see in the attached screenshot, the 24H2 version of Windows 11 could arrive in the month of April. This would be the RTM version, that is, the one that is delivered to manufacturers and developers to start working with it. With this version, developers can begin to study the performance of their computers with the operating system and detect those obstacles that have not been identified until now and that would pose a problem if they reached the final version.

During the month of June, if all the tests previously carried out have worked well, Microsoft will do the same on computers with ARM architecture . In this case, it would only be available for the latest models with Snapdragon are limited in the first phase, however, we will not be able to know until we get closer to the aforementioned dates and check the viability of the latest rumors.

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Final deployment

If we continue based on the dates defined by the previously mentioned user, the final deployment would be between the months of September and October. Since, as has been stated from the same account, it is likely that the final version will not be completely finished until the month of August. So it would still take some time for all Windows users with compatible computers to start carrying out the update to enjoy all the features that are yet to come. Although it is always important to remember that the time it may take to give the green light to the downloads will depend on the policies of the manufacturer in question.

As can be seen, and after countless rumors that have emerged in recent months, despite the fact that the RTM version may be ready in just a few weeks, the end user still has a long wait ahead of them until they can start installing on their computers what is expected to be the next big Windows update.