The next Android phone to launch will also not be better than the iPhone 14


There has always been a rivalry between the iPhone and any other phone. What amuses me most about this rivalry is that most people indicate that they prefer Android to iPhone. They don’t care about the brand of the phone. They are usually the so-called haters. Those people who, regardless of what Apple says, will disown it. Well, there is bad news for all of them. The brand doesn’t matter, because the next Android will not beat the existing iPhone 14 in speed.

The next Android will mount Snapdragon 8 and is not faster than the current iPhone 14

Whenever we talk about phones, the eternal discussion arises. What if iPhone yes or no. What is better this brand or the other? But of course what those who do not even want to see an iPhone in paint allege, they say that Android is a much better operating system than iOS. They don’t know how wrong they are.

In fact, they are so wrong that they will always say that Android is a much more open system and that is why it is better. It is said by the same people who hardly use their mobile phones except to send messages and view Instagram. They never talk about the many advantages of iOS and above all what they don’t talk about is the speed of work and reaction of the Apple phone.

Even when they read this news, they may make some excuse, but they know that They cannot match the A16 chip that mounts the iPhone 14.

Qualcomm has unveiled its latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile chip and platform, promising a revolution in mobile telephony. It is expected that that new chip is released later this year. Now, a comparison has already been made with the current Apple A16 and these tests suggest that there is no competition. The iPhone 14 Pro chip is faster than any Android that mounts that new Snapdragon.

The scores have been thrown by Geekbench and according to the scores, the latest Snapdragon 8 chip scored 1483 single-core and 4709 multi-core. The A16 Bionic scored 1874 single-core and 5372 multi-core. But that is not all. For more inri, we can say that the A15 Bionic chip, which is located in iPhone 13 Pro and low-end iPhone14 models, they also scored higher.

Qualcomm claims that this new chip will offer a 25% increase in GPU performance and an increase in power efficiency. Good figures and a good argument, but it does not reach the level.