The new Windows 11 update makes its AI much more immersive

the new windows 11 update makes its ai much more.jpg
the new windows 11 update makes its ai much more.jpg

Microsoft Copilot Immersive

Microsoft is investing heavily in its new Artificial Intelligence and does not stop releasing updates to provide a better user experience. The final objective is for Copilot to be used for any management and for it to be considered a fundamental tool for day-to-day life. Although it is still in a preview version, a new feature is being tested that will make it interaction with its artificial technology much more immersive.

The digital era is advancing by leaps and bounds and this has been demonstrated in recent years. Specifically, 2023 was the period when AI took off around the world, perfecting each of its facets and gradually establishing itself in our society. In this context, Microsoft has been one of the last to implement its particular tool to fully enter the panorama of the use of artificial machines. At first, it may cause rejection for Windows users, which is why you need to a more interactive and efficient mode of use for Copilot.

Click-free access to Copilot

Those from Redmond are including a new function aimed at increasing the interaction of Copilot with the Windows 11 user. In this case, Microsoft is still involved in bringing its AI closer in a subtle way, with the aim of it being used more frequently and get more benefit from it. The North American company is now introducing an easily accessible system through a testing program that can only be tested on the Beta Channel.

This new function is nothing more nor less than Hover the cursor or mouse pointer over the Copilot icon so that it opens automatically, without having to click on it. This system is called “displacement experience” to alert users that AI can be accessed in a more convenient way.

This is what Microsoft has detailed in a recent statement, explaining its new intentions:

«We are testing a new scrolling experience for Copilot on Windows. When you move the mouse cursor over the Copilot icon on the taskbar, the Copilot panel will open. The Copilot panel will close unless interacted with after opening. “This will begin to slowly roll out over the next few weeks to Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel.”

This change corresponds to the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22635.3276 update for its test version, although other corrections have also been detailed that affected the Nearby Sharing option and a problem in the Task Manager, among others.

More immersive Copilot on Windows

An AI in continuous evolution

Although we are still in an early phase, Copilot has arrived on our computers to stay. Right now it is a conversational search engine that uses the same language model as ChatGPT, but in the near future it could become be implemented in more Windows programsmaking each task more bearable.

Little by little, this AI is being integrated, not only into our PCs, but also as mobile application which can now be downloaded for iPhone and Android devices. Therefore, very soon we will witness the new functions of this new AI, and we will see what it is capable of doing.

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