The new Windows 11 update fixes more than 20 bugs

so you can access the advanced menu of windows 11.jpg
so you can access the advanced menu of windows 11.jpg

Microsoft has released a new update for Windows 11, but it may not have been applied automatically on your computer. In the next lines we explain its objective, given that it solves more than 20 errors that the operating system was suffering.


All Windows 11 updates that eliminate problems or fix bugs are very welcome. However, Microsoft has a habit of not issuing them as mandatory updates. Its content remains accumulated until the next major patch of the platform is published, which will arrive in February to all users. However, updating to version KB5034204 is very easy and will help you have the improvements immediately. But what exactly does it include?

Goodbye to Bluetooth problems

Since a time ago several errors had been detected related to Bluetooth connectivity, more precisely in terms of its use with headphones or sound. These are errors that are not dramatic, but that had bothered a good number of users, so Microsoft has decided to remedy them.

The first thing that has already been corrected is the error whereby, when we answered a call from the PC, we lost the sound if we were using a Bluetooth connection. Additionally, the issue where LE (Bluetooth Low Energy) headphones they were left without sound at the time when we started streaming music files.

Many other bugs fixed

The KB5034204 update also provides a solution to the error where we could not use the search system in the Start menu. This, however, It did not happen to all users, but it had been detected to a certain extent and was something that Microsoft also had to fix in the shortest possible time. The list of errors, on the other hand, includes the solution to the crashes that the devices suffered when some printing support apps were installed.

Another issue fixed was the one that caused some 7-Zip documents to appear empty when viewed in File Explorer. Additionally, there is no longer any problem when using the Troubleshooter, especially when using the Get Help tool. As you can see, there are a large number of minor bugs that have been fixed and with which Windows 11 advances on its path to becoming a more complete operating system. The problem detected with the OpenType driver has also been resolved, which caused display errors with some third-party programs. Other users will appreciate that, for their part, the problem where the time zone was not displayed correctly on some computers has been resolved, something that occurred due to an error in the Windows Management Instrumentation system.


Among other things, there is also Troubleshooting BitLocker, with the APN profiles, with the TPM modules and with the RemoteApp tool, which was leaving sessions open. No less important, a bug that some users complained about, whereby the computer could shut down after 60 seconds, has also disappeared. However, it is now known that it occurred only in cases in which a smart card was being used to carry out remote connection identification.

Along with the solution to the problems, which were not exactly few, Microsoft also states that with the KB5034204 update they have used to make other adjustments and improvements. They won’t change your experience significantly, but they are worth keeping in mind. For example, the performance of video calls made with Windows 11 has increased and performance in general has improved, especially in energy processes carried out by the platform.


It must be said that, although the update has been issued for the Windows 11 22H2 and Windows 11 23H2 versions, European users Those who have the latter should keep in mind that Microsoft mentions what you can see in the screenshot above these lines. Beyond that, it is an update that should be had as soon as possible even though it is not mandatory.



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